Human Resource Management

People are the heart of any business workforce, and it is important to have a central system to maintain your personnel's details and history. In a world, where business still adopt and manage various HR functions using messy and disconnected systems that may include both manual and digital counterparts, and HR system may be of great benefit to bring all you HR information together into one single repository. It includes important HR facilities, such as time and attendance, skills and training, disciplinary actions as well as vacation and overtime management. As a centralized repository of data, you can use the system store all the employee details, social security details, etc in one single database which can then be linked to other systems.


Krystal Financials has an integrated service called Krystal Interlink which can import your attendance records from hand readers, fingerprint readers, or any other form of attendance and bio-metric device. The HRS module simplifies reporting and decision-support activities by generating standard human resources reports. This information is used to manage the business, measure organizational performance and plan for the future. The HRS module also allows users to generate special reports to analyze certain situations and identify trends, such as increased employee turnover in one area of the organization.


By displaying all activities for a single employee within a calendar, the employee can view and manage his activities within the organization, view his weekly or monthly attendance, as well as plan his vacation and overtime. This means that employees can look up their information from the computer on their desks or their laptop computer, as long as they have access to the system.

Vacation and Overtime 

Krystal Financials HR module will allow your personnel to register their overtime and leave with ease, view their balances and plan their year. Supervisory staff can approve such requests and various reports and export facilities are available, to allow direct importing into your selected payroll application. If your employees do not have access, or not have the skills to operate a computer, then selected employees can be designated to create such requests on behalf of these individuals.

What is Krystal Financials? 

Krystal Financials is the culmination of our experience working with different industries across the EU, ranging from telecommunications, manufacturing, waste management and retail. It incorporates a number of modules to aid the business perform important functions such as purchasing, sales, human resource management, inventory control, fuel management and file management. For more information on how Krystal Point can help your business, please don't hesitate to contact us using our online contact form.