Shopping Online

Krystal Point specializes in the development of small to large-scale e-Commerce solutions for any type of business, ranging from food & beverage, fashion and even sports goods. We do not just give a standard eCommerce solution to all clients, but we ensure we develop a tailor-made solution that will more than adequately fulfill your corporate needs.

Our Custom Framework

Through the WebTime CMS framework, we can provide a flexible and robust eCommerce system where you will be able to sell your products and services online using credit cards, PayPal, ePOS or even cash or any other means of payment your organisation supports. Our e-Commerce solution will allow users to perform a full product search, add items to their shopping cart, keep their shopping cart in the form of a template for future use, as well as perform secure online payments through local or international payment gateways. The CMS will allow you to organize and categorize your products as well provide different types of offers to your shoppers. 

Through our flexible synchronization framework, we can allow your business to upload products, offers and client information directly to the eCommerce site, without the need to manage each individual product from within the CMS, therefore allowing your organisation to have only one central product repository to maintain instead of two. 

What Facilities do we Offer?

Our eCommerce engine is continuously evolving and we are constantly introducing new innovative elements to the eCommerce framework giving shoppers more flexibility when shopping online. These include: 

  • Additional options during payments, such as credits and vouchers. 
  • Multi-search Facility.
  • Hierarchical product categorization to efficiently segregate products within your online catalog. 
  • Address Book allowing clients to have multiple delivery addresses to select from. 
  • Template system for shoppers to store their cart contents for future use. 
  • Delivery selection system, so Shoppers can select when they went their items delivered. 
  • Loyalty system. 
  • And much more...