WebTime Content Management (CMS)

What is WebTime CMS?

WebTime CMS is Krystal Point's flagship software. It's an innovative, easy to use and highly flexible tool for managing your web site. WebTime CMS is compromised of a number of modules that manage simple tasks as editing text to managing eCommerce related items. When your website is built with WebTime CMS, you easily change content from anywhere in the world.

Created for your Inspirations

WebTime CMS is designed to work around different requirements from simple portfolio websites to large eCommerce and Corporate sites. It's ideal for:
 On-line Magazines and Newspapers
 Intranet Sites
 Business and B2B Portals
 Non-profit Organisations and Clubs
 On-line Communities
 Anything else you can Imagine.

Modular based on your Needs

 Article, News and Reviews Management
 Memberships and User Management
 Text Editing
 Page Management
 Calendar of Events
 Menu Editing

For Businesses

WebTime CMS is a full fledged business tool designed around our Client's needs within today's competitive market. That is why we introduced important elements to our system to give Businesses that cutting edge, including eCommerce services.

Krystal Financials

What is Krystal Financials?

Krystal Financials is designed for small to medium sized businesses and is subdivided into a number of modules ranging from sales to client management. Krystal Financials is a powerful web based application designed to manage data efficiently and without pain, and to generate the necessary reports and statistics required by all users of all levels.

To date, with the assistance of Krystal Financials, we have helped a number of organisations unite their internal applications, thusly giving them the ability to generate the data required by the organisation's day-to-day business. Organisations ranging from Manufacturing, Waste Management and even Retail.

Purchasing and Inventory Control

 Create Purchase Requests and have them Approved by the individual's supervisor.
 Dedicated procurement section for managing purchases more effectively, ranging from Tenders to Direct Orders.
 Fully Audited with Tracibility to track the progress of your PO.
 Accounting section will help your finance department issue POs in record time.
 Inventory Control
 Stock Movement Module

Human Resources

 Time Tracking and Attendance
 Overtime Management
 Vacation Leave Management
 Employees can manage their overtime and vacation more efficiently.

Sales and Invoicing

 Customer Management
 Create Requisitions to help in Sorting Orders
 Cash Sales

Other Modules

 Fuel Management
 File Tracking
 Weighbridge System

Krystal Point-Of-Sale

Introducing Krystal POS

Any good POS software can save you time, increase accuracy and control what happens at the sales counter. But most systems involve high prices, complex setup and big training requirements. Krystal Point of Sale is the alternative that removes these barriers with an easy to use, affordable system. We guarantee that Krystal Point of Sale is the easiest system you have ever used.

Primary Features

 Use either the keyboard or a touchscreen..
 Facility to sell by unit or by pack/box.
 Allow discounts to both registered clients and cash clients.
 Manage wastes and stock entries easily.
 Each cash point can synchronise with a central station but can all work independently from each other.

Detailed Reporting

 Stock Reports
 Sales vs Profit Reports
 Z-Reading and X-Reading Reports

Krystal Weighbridge

What is Krystal Weighbridge?

Krystal Weighbridge is a total bale management software package that integrates with most popular weighbridge systems, allowing the organisation to better control the production, storage and shipping of bales within their organisation. This includes a flexible touch-screen system and a PDA module for managing bales anywhere in the warehouse and/or storage yard.


 Use either the keyboard or a touchscreen.
 Compatible with most Weighbridge systems, including Billancia.
 Integrates into Krystal Financials for reporting and Bale management.
 Receive daily statistics on registered bales.
 Track each Bale.

PDA Module

 Track your pallets and bales using a PDA.
 Manage the shipment of your pallets/bales.
 Perform stock takes.